Leader or Louder?

Struggles Freal  

Struggles Freal  

Premature responsibility breeds superficiality the Internet tells us Einstein said.

My dear friend Jorgie was the first one I ever heard use the phrase loudership v leadership and it was laugh out loud funny--like a lot of what Jorgie says.

Often truth + pain  =  funny. 

I was a louder on and off for many years.  

It happens when you have just enough charisma or leader in you to be handed the microphone prematurely but too little discernment and humility to know when to refuse it. 

Genuine authority is something that is easy to submit to. 

Take the admonition many find so offensive: Wives submit to your husbands. 

Louders use it as a bludgeon to get their way. 

Leaders put it back into its context which is Husbands love your wives.  

Love is easy to submit to. 

My pal Gaz one year made my wife a pack of God cards for her birthday because at the time I was notorious for dropping the God card on her (meaning:  sorry, honey, God told me X so your Why is unfortunately out--best submit to your husband now--uh, gross).  

Louders love to drop the God card--because it seemingly gives them control of situations.  

Leaders let God be God and not only ask "what are you getting"?, they try to listen to and maybe even employ what it is that you're getting.

The problem is, though it is typically more of an immaturity than rebellion problem, Scripture says manipulation is as the sin of witchcraft.

Leaders can become Louders especially when surrounded by Louders.

But Louders can become Leaders--especially when surrounded by Leaners. 

Where do you find yourself?