What stands out?

What stands out to you?

What stands out to you?

I took this one hour and forty-seven minutes ago as of this writing.

And I love it:  there are saplings, grass, there is barbed wire, there is sun, fog, dew on the barbed wire and that's before we talk about---What stands out to you?

Spider web barely dipping beneath the surface of the fence?

Pond beckoning in the distance?

Sun trying to break through the vapor?

In early 2014, I had this dream:  

I dreamt I was wrestling a very big brown bear (sort of like the "brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?" bear--which speaks to my heart.  In my Christ-life allegory, my name was: Dreamy Whatyousee).  

He was maybe three times my size.  This Bear was so so Big I had my legs wrapped around his neck and my feet were dangling down his shoulders and he was certainly trying to eat me but there was just no fear in me and I had no room for fear. 

I just kept nuzzling him; rubbing my cheek up to his face and loving him, loving him, loving him.  

Try as he might; he just couldn't eat me.   

My love for him was just bigger somehow.

By the end of the dream, he was starting to come around and wanting to play more than wanting to eat me. 

That was my sense, anyway.

What stands out to you in the dream?  

To me it is turning that which you think is going to eat you into a playmate.  

What stands out to you in your dreams? 

If you look at that photo again, notice:   you could almost see notes...

Use your Prophetic imagination

Use your Prophetic imagination