On context

AG selfie

AG selfie

If I say, "Hi, Jacker", to my eight year old when he comes down the stairs in the morning, it is very different than when you yell "Hijacker" on a 747 at 26,000 ft.

The above pic is my favorite and I in front of the American Gothic house in Eldon, Iowa.

If you don't know what American Gothic is, the photo is just another Meggi-selfie.

But context helps us to sagely interpret our world.

Grant Wood's. 

Grant Wood's. 

Recently, I was trying to finalize commission splits on a transaction we were working on.  

It seemed ridiculously clear to me and my broker pal repping the Buyer:  three Brokers, easy math:  1/3, 1/3, 1/3.  

We did the majority of the work, afterall.  Only fair.  

Only Seller's agent says, affectionately--pound sand, boys.

And as I was whining under my breath about greed and self-centeredness, the Holy Spirit asked me if I wanted to do a little Bible study and I said, obviously, No.

And He persisted like He does and He asked, "What is your context?"

I said, losing confidence:  the last 90 days of our work.  

I was more than a little peeved that the Seller's Rep felt HE alone ought to be entitled to half while my pal and I ought to SPLIT half.  I mean--we brought the buyer, we resurrected the deal.  Without us:  there is no deal.  A little self-righteous indignation-- when He makes you listen to yourself becomes apparent faster than the Bolt from Jamaica, mahn.

Holy Spirit said, Ok:  so, what's his context?

As soon as I got past The Who Cares portion of my response, I glanced at the other guy's perspective. 

He'd had YEARS of working on keeping the property filled.   Hundreds of phone calls, who knows how many showings.

So, HS asks in His gentle way--What is equitable from his context?

At which point I called the Sellers' broker and apologized for being myopic and self-centered--by describing the context Holy Spirit had been kind enough to give me--another's, in this case, his.

The Bible reveals whole new arenas of wisdom when context is considered.

As does walking around trying not to forget about it whenever I am tempted to feel slighted.

Re-read and re-explore your favorite passages from an historical context or a Hebrew context.   It is revolutionary!