Why's Megs writing about Sundogs today, for heavens sake?

Short and sweet message from our friend, the Sundog

Short and sweet message from our friend, the Sundog

So ten years and a few days ago I was tooling down Ashworth Road because we needed some whiteout.  Someone spilled I-don't-remember-what on the bride's dress and I offered to help because offering to help beats standing around sweating what you're supposed to say on the most important day of the-soon-to-be-pronounced Mr and Mrs Wise.

I'd been invited to share at the Wise wedding  (for you allegory lovers) and as is so often the case, I said, "Come on, Lord.    I'm running out of daylight, here."   

And as if on cue I looked up and I noticed the Sundog in the sky as I was headed back to Hope (in case you're chasing the allegory). 

Not this one, but like this one... 

Not this one, but like this one... 

Our digi-pals over at Yahoo Answers say, "They use the term "dog" to denote something that is 'at your side,' or 'always beside you,' the way a faithful dog always stays beside you."  Like a sundog = dogging the sun.

One of the meanings of Caleb is "dog," interesting story side-note, who with his pal Joshua in the Old Testament were the only spies to make it into the Land of Promise--they were the only two of the original spies who came back with a good report.  Everybody else saw that they were likely outmatched by, you know, the giants.  Joshua and Caleb were men of different spirits.   They said, with God, we will eat Giant sandwiches (and that is how Jimmy Johns made it into the Bible, sort of).  

Joshua's name in Greek is, wait for it:  Jesus.  

So in the Old Testament, who led Israel into the Promised Land?  Jesus.  

Moses led towards; Joshua, Moses' spiritual Son, led into.

Joshua/Jesus means "Yahweh is Salvation" or "Jehovah saves" or "God is generous."  Christ means "the Anointed One" and it isn't Jesus' last name, though it does absolutely describe Who He is.

So, back to the sundog to see if we can make a fit.

Jesus=Son.  Caleb=Dog.  Nice.

Now please bear in mind, none of this occurred to me until this writing.  Point being the Ask as in Ask, Seek and Knock is written in a tense that means to ask and keep asking. Heaven knows repetition is the mother of mastery.  

The Wises have been in my heart all these years (Justin has been my standing Friday lunch for longer than they've been married!) and I want to wish them a happy number ten.  

Revisit the story of Joshua and Caleb; how they thought, how they spoke.  (Numbers 13-14 and the Book of Joshua; Caleb's reward in Joshua 14)

Anyway, back to my seeing the sundog in the sky ten years and a few days ago; this is when the story gets really God.

And I'm like, ooh, I like it, Lord!  

Sundog, promise, yes!

But, like, what do You mean?

And He said, "Spell it backwards." 

Ok...  Let's see: 







That's like the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Holy Wow Now. 

Then I heard,  

God n us.

Garden us.

Guarding us.

God in us.

I'm telling you, The Holy Spirit is such a poetic genius!  (In fact, in Ephesians 2:10 the word 'workmanship' is Poema where we get the word poem so in God's eyes we are each His poems.)

So every time I see a sundog, I take a picture of it and I send it to the Wises.  And they send them to me.  

And today I'm sharing it with you because the allegory goes wider than just to them.  It was a specific word with a specific application at a place we call Hope (which is the absolute expectation that good is right around the corner) on their wedding day.  But if it meets with your heart, when you see one, remember:  God N Us, etc is a love letter to the Wises--that's us.  

Wise ones who still seek Him--even in the sky.

A rainbow in the sky is a picture of a promise. Made by God and has been since the flood. And that's the rest of the message.   

Sometimes in the allegory of life, God is being literal.  Like He says His sheep will know His voice.  We spend time with Him like He is our foreign language tutor.   And we massacre His language until we practice a lot and miss it a lot and then we begin to understand.

(Like one of Justin's best pals name is Christian Walk; that one is pretty straightforward.)

And sometimes, like with Joshua and Caleb meaning Son and Dog; we get to dig and dig for ten years.   

As I recall Justin called me once not so long before the Wise "I do" and he told me a dream wherein he was standing in the lobby of a Marriott trying to decide whether or not he was to marry Kerry.  (Anybody who ever met Kerry knew the answer to that question:  yes and hurry!)

I've been a huge Kerry fan since before those two met, so I'm sure I said words to the effect, "You confirm it with Him but my interpretation to your dream is so simple.

"There seems to be some kind of lobbying going on but the key to the interpretation is where:   the Marriott.

Marry ought!"

So, he promptly ignored my sage advice and broke up with her.  For a minute--but we know how their story grows--by love.

I have such a deep love for Wise stories and the Whys pictures and words; so that's one of the primary ways Jesus and I communicate.  

If He wants to really get my attention, He will tuck it into a deeper meaning because He knows, I love to go stories deep.

I took this and sent it to Justin but my prayer is that today it speaks to your heart

I took this and sent it to Justin but my prayer is that today it speaks to your heart

How does He speak to you?  Ask Him.   And check out a sunrise, you'll be glad you did!