Anything hiding in your dreams?


"It's not that I'm so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer." Albert Einstein (at least according to some worldwide sources)

I had a dream early March a couple years ago shortly after one of my spiritual Grandpas died in which he appeared to me.  

He pulled up next to me in a little boxy red car and said in his famous Arkansasan accent, "If you slow down, I'll tell you what your license plate means."  He passed me, pulled into a cafe up ahead and went inside.

I parked my red Jeep Liberty and started to head in to see him, but decided I should try to take a picture of my license plate--so I headed back out to take the picture to give him something to work with; but for no reason apparent to me, I couldn't remember where I parked.  I couldn't find my Liberty.

Though I had only met him once, this man had a tremendous impact on me, spiritually, for most of my walk and I really wanted to impress him and help him help me if I could (I reminded me in the dream a little of Peter trying to build Jesus and Moses and Elijah a tabernacle--that was the "I gotta do something, here" feeling I had )--to be useful to him, somehow.

So I headed back out to the parking lot for one more quick peek and again:  I couldn't find my own ride that I had parked just minutes before.

A lot of times in dream interpretation, if it is mentioned twice you want to pay attention.

I finally decided I'd left him waiting long enough and I went inside and slid into the booth across from him.

He was about ninety years old and his face was all lit up like Isaiah 60's Arise and Shine and his light had come.  To contextualize this man, he had literally heard about a comet from God before NASA discovered it, said it would show up in the sky as a sign to confirm something else God had spoken to him and it did and that's just one of his hundreds of greatest hits.  He was a for-real Prophet.  

Back in the dream cafe, he smiled at me like someone who loved me so very much who knew that he knew so much more than I did.  But he didn't say anything: he just looked at me.   

(I think this is one of my favorite ways God speaks to me.  He doesn't say anything.  I just feel how He looks at me and that gets me every time.) 

Then, still without a word, he slid this little box across the table to me.  

And in it was my father's ring.

The ring had been stolen from me a couple of years after my dad had died and it was one of the last significant things of his I owned.  When I opened the box and I felt in my heart what it was, I just cried and cried and felt what I can only now describe as the weight of something that held tremendous meaning to me--a returned inheritance.  

When the Prodigal son returns; his daddy places the ring on his finger, a robe over his shoulders and sandals on his feet--each speak to something as we take time to consider.  

Rings matter.   I haven't taken my wedding ring off since December 8, 2001.  To me, the dream is at least in part a Psalm 46:10 still-life message.  A calling to "Be Still and Know that I'm God."  And a promise that I cannot be stolen from as a Mega-son.  My spiritual grandaddy didn't need any help from me to give to me what my Father wanted me to have.

As the dream ended, I felt the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit and this Kerry Gold Butter rich emotion--this tangible, sweet heaviness of the dream.  

I've maybe ever in my life had three dreams I was aware held such profound meaning to and for me.  The ring had seven diamonds in it; a large diamond in the center and three on each side.  Seven is a number of promise, of covenant.   

This spiritual grandfather's own life message which he shared many times was to help people better answer the quest: "Did you learn to love?"  He died on Valentine's Day.

Solomon was asleep when he had the conversation that was his game changer--it begins in I Kings 3:5.  It is a fantastic story of a Father who sees and communicates to our hearts (even as we sleep) who it is He is shaping us to become.

What is hiding in your dreams?  Write them down and revisit them.  If you slow down a little when you're awake, He'll show you what they mean.   (I might be able to help unlock it if the poetry is a little tricky).