What are the names of your promised land Giants?


Some scholars believe David picked five smooth stones because Goliath had four giant brothers.   As you track them through Scripture, David's mighty men take them all down.

Many historians believe the hill where Jesus was crucified, Golgotha, which means "the place of the skull", was none other than the most famous skull in Israel:  "the skull" of Goliath (go lieth).   That is a massive metaphor:  Jesus, the Son of David, is crucified atop the place of the skull--He comes to put an end to where most of our troubles begin.

The Three Battlegrounds Francis Frangipane writes about in the book of the same title are:   the mind, the church, the heavenlies.

Malcolm Gladwell points out that David didn't fight the giant on the giant's terms.  He was essentially a sniper, avoiding hand to hand combat--he brought a sniper rifle (rock launcher) to an unfair fist fight.

What's your rock launcher?  What's your fight?  

It was easy for King David to recognize who the enemy was in that context:  He was boasting and accusing all of Israel's army.  But sometimes, our giant is just in our own way of thinking.  There is nothing better than realizing what the problem is.  

Did David see the shadow of the giant in the voyeurism on the rooftop that time when kings go out to war?  Nope.  And he therefore, himself, became a dark giant in another family's life...

What haunts you?


Depression?  Maybe it is loneliness.   Anxiety?  Shame?  Blaming others?  

For me, for a long time, it was self-pity.  And the key to its discovery was trusting someone more than I trust myself, on purpose, out loud.   

The following is a sampler to ponder.  It is a jumbo noodler salad:  combining my journal notes with a John Paul Jackson interview about giants in the Promised Land.

1) KENITES--"fabricator" - temptation to self-defense thereby forget to love others--the blame game.  Self-focus and the voices inside your head all get a hall pass:  low discernment.

2) KENNIZZITES - "possessiveness or covetousness" - never achieve what you were uniquely designed to become--comparison.  Always looking at how you're doing based on what you think others think.  Codependency.  Keeping up with the Joneses.

3) KADMONITES - "ancient ways" - "ancients/chiefs" - represents a religious spirit; tradition gone dark--treated as though it were equal to Scripture "old wine is good enough" "Your tradition has made the Word of God of no effect."  Devotion to principle more than to our relationship with the Person of Jesus.

4) HITTITES - "Terror" - represents a fear of failure - so much so you won't / don't try.  Broken down by spirital paralysis (but perfect love casts out all fear)--must learn to do it afraid--we must allow Him to conquer that which we fear by facing.

5) PERIZZITES - "Squatter" represents apathy-"things have always been this way"; "we can't change"; "I/we are helpless" Why even try?  This is self pity's domain.  If a squatter in TX stays uncontested on your land for 7 yrs, he owns it.  Mike Bickle said it is always cheaper never to get a demon than it is to get rid of one.  Opposite of love isn't hate so much as indifference.

6) REPHAIM "Giant" - it causes you to want to flee and run far away from something you were doing; makes you want to quit (one of the demons in this realm, Baphomet, steals from the Christian from wearing him out)--I feel like I am incapable, even if He is the one asking.  Gideon early on in wine press.

7) AMORITES - "sayer" - meant to create inferiority and doubt in your mind--feels like people are talking about you; fear of man, worried about what others think of you (another strain of co-dependency)--God made a mistake when He made me--I'm disqualified--eeyore-ish.  Tongue fire.

8) CANAANITES - "zealousness or premature opportunity or promotion"--causes us to not wait on God's timing  We extrapolate God said I'm to do it--we say must be now and how.  The result is when we are out of right timing we get discouraged and when we quit--become passive and we don't achieve what he called us to do because we blew off His timing (I think Einstein said, "premature responsibility breeds superficiality") - hates the nature of process

9) GIRGASHITES - "stranger" - feel out of place, no one knows me; keeps you from growing roots and maturing in fellowhip--nvr really get "we have the mind of Christ"  Clapton's Lonely Stranger Here

10)_ JEBUSITES- "downtrodden" or creates feeling anxiety/depression victim mentality where we blame others for our lack of success ; Pro 12:25


Maybe gossip is yours.  Fear of lack.  Perfectionism.  Shame.  

I remember a very powerful encounter with Jesus in a heavenly place.

He looked at me and He asked me without words, "So...What kept you?"
I handed him my earbuds and as He looped them I could read:

 "1972, control."

And He put them in His pocket and said, without saying, "Now, how would you boldly approach the throne of grace in time of need for help?"

And I took off running across the sea of glass like a child, arms akimbo:  free.

Whatever your giant:  Ask Him.  Don't wait.

Face it.  

He is an ever-present help in time of need.  

Remember:  the righteous are as bold as a lion and He calls you righteous.

Believe in who He has made you to be.