How High is Your Idle?

Have you ever sat in a car when the idle was stuck too high?

It can be a little unnerving, right?

As I began to just soak in silence for a few more minutes a day than usual, it really began to occur to me that to Be Still and Know that He is God is first an invitation to Be Still.

And I hadn't been recognizing a few places where I wasn't even on the fareway to still.

How High is Your idle set?

I was reminded that our brain is between our "temples", for example, these high places of pondering.

I saw that sugar removal was a final frontier, a land no Megs had gone before and stayed, in the battle for stillness.  Less Coffee?  Are You Maaaad?

They're proving, as Simon Sinek pointed out in his millenial talk, that the same chemicals that release in our brains with booze and gambling, for example, are released when we check social media.

It "swipes" perhaps more than we think.

I can lean in for a really long time, but thanks to St Arbux and too many sweets, there is still a dull thrum of too much activity on a chemical level.

So, I'm taking steps.

And I'm recalibrating.  I learned how important breathing deeply is last year, too.  It is a journey.

I sat with one last week struggling with anxiety and I asked them:  so, when is life sweetest and the anxiety least-est?

"Let's see, I guess when I start the day off in the Word and pretty much spend the day chatting with the Lord..."

Hmm, say I, as the answer sinks into both of us.

Less than 24 hours later I was sitting with another wrestling with chronic physical pain and I asked the same question.  "Hmm, I guess when I start the day off in the Word and really just spend time with Him."

Say, I think I'd do more of that.

So a couple weeks in, ask Him if there is a recalibration you need:  More time alone, more time in silence, less sugar, more exercise, more time at the movies, for heaven's sake--but the challenge is not to go after what you think the thing He is targeting might be, but instead ask Him to show You what He is wanting to work on.  

Sometimes, there isn't grace for what you may think the problem is--but there is always grace for what He is suggesting.

Right now, with me, He is working on slowing my roll, slowing my idle to the place where I can come to peace in moments and hear clearly without all the need for speed and skittles I'm so accustomed to.

When too much is coming for our attention, we can lose our keys.  

It got so bad a few times last year, I lost my whole car. 

I pray today finds you blessed and rested and increasingly aware of where your idle lies.