What are your "secret chords"?

Sitting here in the Bahamas looking out over the sea, listening to U2's "Bad", (Live), thru new headphones, my emotions are rising with the volume.  

"If I could...I would...let it go...Surrender...dislocate..." 

"If I could...I would...let it go...Surrender...dislocate..." 

I remember the euphoria in Chicago at Soldier Field a few years ago feeling like Hilda Canes Garduno wrote, “My reaction to `Bad' was visceral.  Goose bumps. I wanted – no, needed – to know who this band was.” 

How blessed I feel to be here, gazing out at the competing blues of many waters--hearing it again.  And again.

Sheryl Crow (on my Bootlegfiend Napster account) introduced me thru crap computer speakers late at the office one night to Cohen's famous lines,

"I've heard there was a secret chord

That David Played and it pleased the Lord

But you don't really care for music, do you...?"

It was 1981.  I was 12, the age our oldest is about to not be anymore, shortly after my Mommas first bout with breast cancer.  

Raiders of the Lost Ark came out in 1981.   And that theme music will help any boy fighting anything from any era up to this day--like Rocky's theme or Star Wars'--if he lets it all the way in.

His is the voice of many waters.  Timeless.

Sometimes Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs sound like Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'--

Freddie and the boys are tapping into our primal pains and lonelinesses and plaguing fears, teaching us to sing them out like exorcisms as our tears stream like Apple Music.  

Crank it up, let

it in and

let it out.  

They say the shepherd boy David hung a harp in the trees and the breeze played it at night with His invisible touch.  And David himself played the Kinnor so masterfully it made the demons flee from his afflicted King.

A girl I took to prom a thousand years ago's brother died the week before last and I remember/heard Genesis' Invisible Touch album--my life toast jam at that time--and caught a glimpse of just the kindness of her smile that quietly set a standard for the caliber of kindness and smile I held out for and will get to see here in the Bahamas in just a few minutes when she gets done with her workout.  

And so I cried for her--for her loss--which led me back to Sting's 'Why Should I Cry for You' and a whole slew of my own un-revisited lost moments from the era that song contains.

That's music--a huge part of why I treasure LaLa Land and Sing Street and Begin Again--they're odes to the power of music.

Genesis is the First Book of the Bible.  Invisible Touch is always how He moves me.  And that is Him and it was how He spoke to me, then.

I just didn't know it in the marvel and solitary confinement of my lostboy youth.  

A lot of times someone says they never hear His voice--because they didn't realize He was the one who led you to Coldplays Fix You this AM that grabbed you by the larynx and didn't let go for 4:54 

Your life has a soundtrack. 

What are your secret chords?

Take your time. listen for your music and to it--for your music has been waiting for you.