Should you really be ashamed of yourself?

It is something that you used to hear a lot as sort of a throwaway line:  "you should be ashamed of yourself."



Christine stumbled across this tee shirt I hope she acquires for me soon that says, "Surely they weren't ALL Kung Fu Fighting..."

I've studied shame and cage-fought it on and off throughout my time on planet earth.  I win way more than shame does these days, to be sure--but I've also found its concrete, Biblical antidote.

This morning I was doing this word study and I ended up re-discovering two words in my ZODHIATES Key Word Study Bible.

1) one Hebrew word for shame is pronounced buwsh in Zodhiates key word breakdown of the Strongs concordance #954 and it means to be/feel ashamed, to make ashamed, to be disappointed.  The word appears in the context of humiliation and shattered human emotions.  

I was arrested by this phrase:  "The opposite meaning is trusting God."

What Zodhiates says about trust--a la "trust in the Lord with all your heart" is equally delightful.  

It is Hebrew #982 and it means to attach yourself, to trust, to confide in, to feel safe, be confident, secure, to be careless.  RSV sometimes renders it "rely on".--the basic idea being firmness or solidity.

He goes on to say this type of hope is  confident expectation, not a constant anxiety.

So trust in God, literally, is the opposite of shame.

So, no, you shouldn't.  

You should trust God.