Do you care if I just get started?

That was the question a young pastor asked me as he came into the chapel where I was sitting a few years ago after he told me what I'm about to tell you.  

He said, "Megs, people I trust, trust you.  Do you care if I just get started?"  

And I want to say the same to you.  

If you made it here, people I trust, trust you.   So, welcome, friend or friend of friends.   Do you care if I just get started ? 



One of my favorite Proverbs is the Divine Invitation "it is the glory of the Lord to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to search a matter out."  

That is my aim here:  to unlock heart people who are looking to find themselves by helping them learn how to hear from His heart.

The Meggisons, my Heart's people

The Meggisons, my Heart's people

Proverbs 16:16  How much better it is to get wisdom than gold!
            And to get understanding is to be chosen above silver.

Gang, We don't need more information:   We need more revelation.  

In The Plight of the Christian Artist, Denny Gunderson wrote, "Hidden between the lines and behind the words there lies an expression of reality as viewed from the poet's perspective. The true poet is really a prophet. His gaze looks for things that others miss."

I believe detecting the Divine--discovering the heavenly/spiritual realm and how it can be walked out by abiding in our relationship with Jesus is one of the greatest unexplored territories left in our world:  like caves, oceans and space.   

The Holy Spirit began helping me to recognize this so-subtle but really catastrophic global economic crisis called lack of engagement.  First, I stumbled across the Gallup State of the American workplace statistic (and report) which claims, "70% of U.S. Workers Not Engaged at Work"  

If you do the math, lack of engagement at that level can cripple a company or a country.   In the economics of love it can cripple a life.

Then, I find myself on, reading, "In the book Move: What 1,000 Churches Reveal About Spiritual Growth, authors Hawkins and Parkinson describe research conducted on 250,000 people at 1,000 churches. The study looked at 50 different factors that impact spiritual growth (defined as loving God and loving others). Their findings? “Nothing has a greater impact on spiritual growth than reflection on Scripture… If churches could do only one thing to help people at all levels of spiritual maturity grow in their relationship with Christ, their choice is clear.  They would inspire, encourage, and equip their people to read the Bible—specifically, to reflect on Scripture for meaning in their lives…"

And the Great Nudge started in like He does, connecting a lot of seemingly disparate pieces of my life and I finally realized:  Spiritual Growth?  "Inspire, encourage, equip people to read the Bible--specifically, to reflect on Scripture for meaning in their lives...":  That's me!  I do that!  I love that!  No, I mean, like, I love that--that's my jam.  And that is actually a Biblical key to engagement:  Do you lean-in Love it?  

For the last sixteen plus years or so, every week I meet with a lot of people from literally all walks of Life--from millionaires in my commercial real estate work to pastors to suicidal teens to last stage cancer patients; most asking really hard life questions (some out loud; some through choices).  As my best friend Jorgie says so poetically, "there are a lot of Unwept tears out there."  And in this unrecognized stage of grief, there is avoidance.  I heard a specific metaphor last week on the news:  the average American's screen time jumped in the last year by one hour.   If we don't believe squandering destiny and killing time are the same thing, we have a foundational issue.

So here, we are developing revelatory Chews and Eddies--anytime access tutorials on topics you help choose in areas you need God's heart to help you choose in life more wisely.  Chews are essentially aiming revelation and the heart of Biblical engagement at low-cost microlearnings (audios, videos and white papers a few minutes in length).   

Chews are shorter by design and intent like Proverbs because Meditation is your mind chewing on the subject like the cow chews its cud:  cows really digest what they eat.   What is He wanting to share with you?  What themes keep recurring?   (Below is a sample chew on hidden meaning in names.)  We live in a land of forgetfulness but repetition is the mother of mastery.

Thanks to the staggering interactive technologies and media available, we can create highly personalized tutorials with relatively short turnaround.    

Eddies are longer-length topical E-courses.  They're called Eddies because eddies swirling motion in the ocean cause nutrients that are normally found in the much deeper waters to come to the surface.  A rich metaphor for revelatory teaching, I think.

This devotional blog will serve as my home base.   

So I am going to use me and where I try to start with people as an example of "what 'I' mean."

So here is a `finding your story' introductory Chew-- topic `what do they call you'?

Everyone calls me Megs. 

"Who do we think we are?" is a big deal.   Especially if we think wrong.  

Transformed and transfigured are the very same word in Greek (when Jesus was on the mount of transfiguration and glowing is the same word as Romans 12:2 where we are transformed by the renewing of our minds.)

Ephesians 3:14 reads "For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name."  Selah (pause and ponder).

Zodhiates in his phenomenal Key Word Study Bible writes about the Greek word for name, onoma, as "name, from onemi, to help, because the name helps us to know the thing.... (Strong's G3686; drilltoy found: )

I was in a prophecy room in Kansas City many years ago and a young man I had never met before began to prophecy.  (*What I mean when I say prophecy is he was having a conversation with God about me.  He says His sheep will hear His voice and the Word tells us that His thoughts towards us are as the sands of the sea; prophecy is a few divine grains of sand that we get to take back to Him to build the castle).

Anyway this young man says, "I hear as an anthem over your life 'Who is like the Lord?'  'Who is like the Most High'?"  Remember, I had never met him and it didn't occur to me until weeks later:  that's actually what my name means. 

It is a quest, my quest here and it is a question.

"Who is Like God?" is what Michael means in the Hebrew.  (I used to be mocked in "who is like the most high?" by trying to get more high than everybody around me in pride or like, hey, man, who is like the most high right now?)  
But He calls me Michael--like the Archangel.  AND HE KNOWS ME BETTER THAN I KNOW ME.  Do I believe Him?
I should!  God believes no lies.
And what He calls me is a question?  So wild!   (There is an actual position in Germany I learned about--the one who is there to ask questions--this is my kind of consulting gig--finding and asking better questions; especially the ones maybe no one is asking).
One author believes Michael denotes an inquiry after the identity of God and suggests his main mission is to inspire humans into seeking the identity of God.  
So, Megs; comes from Meggison, which means Maggie's son or Margaret's son.
 Margaret means "pearl"; so, Meggison means Son of Pearl.  
So Megs actually means Pearls.

What do people call you?   Should they?   The Holy Spirit once asked me, "Who have you given permission to tell you who you are that I haven't given permission to..?"

Now remember what I said about God's thoughts towards us are as the sands of the sea? 
Pearl is literally sand over time made through irritation.  (Love is patient, first.)
My middle name is John; don't want to leave that out.  John means "God is Gracious".  I've developed a special relationship with all the Johns in the Word and their stories--especially John, the disciple Jesus loved; He wrote the gospel of John, the letters of John, and the Revelation of Jesus; He was the one who hobbled down front towards the end of his life, turned to the congregation as an old man and said, "Little Children, love." and sat down.  And, of course, the concept of grace and its meanings are central to who I am.
Put it together and you'll know a lot of what I really care about is seeing God in people, trying to answer the question that is my Onama--my name, it helps me to know.  And because it is what he calls me:  it helps you know you, too.  
"Who is Like God?
God is Gracious
Son of Pearl"
Son is a picture of a generational focus; a relationship with Pearl as a symbol of wisdom and it is the very substance of the gates in heaven, in the book of Revelation.   Megs is my nickname--pearls.   That's what we are digging for and what we will be offering and what He always helps us to find.  It is the glory of the Lord to conceal a matter; the glory of kings to search it out.
What's your name?  It is a great place to rediscover what you're doing here.  Ask the Holy Spirit.  (Meggison can sound a lot like--Mega-Son or medicine; another meaning of Megs is millions).

If you want more specific revelatory/poetic R and D help in pursuing your name, company or organization's "meanings", I'm happy to try to help; we can create a build to suit chew for you.  You can reach me by clicking on the send an email to Megs tab above!  If we don't really know who/where we are it is very difficult to get who/where we are going.

But if you're curious, start with Google and research it yourself; look at the generations before and around you if you're working on a family history or genealogy project.  Look for name meanings in Scripture; the Word is alive and the stories are deeper and sweeter upon closer inspection.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help.  

I have a lot of favorite people but I am married to my most favoritest (as a tee shirt nearing my collection reads, "education is important but pizza is more importanter").  I dedicate this space to she who took and shares my name, my sweetheart, Miss Christine, without whom and the Holy Spirit, this safe space would still be stuck in my head.  I can't imagine any gift in heaven will be as sweet as she is to me.   We've been married for almost fifteen years.  She is really smart and so lovely (check out her site .  I'm York, Tess and Jack's Daddy and I couldn't prouder of any of them but will be for sure again tomorrow.  Here is a final thought and prayer.